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If your work/submission gets approved as per our acceptance criteria then you will be eligible to be our Contributor

Build your portfolio and reach millions of buyers by adding keywords to help customers to find your work

Earn on every sale of your content when someone downloaded by any of our customers through worldwide

Any photographer or artist can go exclusive to earn more through our contributor platform with a 50% royalty share on world's largest collection of Indian stock images website CliqnClix. kindly email your portfolio at

Acceptance Criteria For Stock Photos

Content must be your personal work and you must own the copyright upon everything within it.

 Notable Points :

  • We are looking for simplicity; one concept per photo is preferred.
  • Avoid, unless for the purpose of the composition, cutting off people or objects on the edges of the image.
  • The depth of field should always relate to the message of the photo.
  • Ethnic diversity is always an added value to the photo.
  • We don’t accept offensive content such as explicit nudes, drugs, people in offensive positions etc.


Filters must add to the meaning of the photo and not to the focus of the photo.

Dutch angle or tilting:

Sometimes this inclination of the horizon can achieve an aesthetic value, but this is not always the case. Images that have been unintentionally tilted will not be accepted.

Recycling images:

Images that have been rotated, flipped or reframed will not be considered and will not be selected.

Bad Pratices

Repeated observance of these practices could have consequences and lead to the termination of the  agreement.

a) Repeated images: Images that have already been sent it will not be accepted.

b) The photographer will be responsible if there is any objection related to their images.

Technical Requirements :

a) File type: Must be RGB, saved at the highest JPG quality (100% ).

b) File size and dimensions: The file size must 6240 X 4160 with 300 DPI.

Model Release :

Any contributor submissions with identified people must be accompanied with a written model release. Model release is a signed document confirming the person or persons with the contributor’s consent to use their name and likeness for commercial use. Moreover, If the model is a minor, a releaser name, signature and relationship are required.

Property Release :

Any contributor submissions with property (real or intellectual) or objects must be accompanied by a written Property Release. Property release is a signed document confirming that property used by the contributor’s is approved by the owner for commercial use.

Note :

Wrong information provided by contributor regarding Model/Property release, it is wholly responsible of contributor, Cliqnclix is not responsible for it

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